75+ Northridge Remodel: The Living Spaces

The Northridge Remodel: The Living Spaces brings you the latest designs of dream-home kitchen that would surely transform your kitchen from the tired and outdated one to a relaxing and cozy place. Based on the popular design of the Mesa family, this remodeling is done by experts to bring back the best features of their kitchens. The modern designs are now upgraded to bring back the exceptional quality of the kitchens of the high-end new homes of the buyers.

Being a new development for the homeowners, it offers a wide variety of living spaces with unique styles. The remodeling brings back the old-fashioned concept of the kitchen that included the traditional, country style, modern kitchen, high-end, and an open concept kitchen that were influenced by the architecture of the new construction projects. This Northridge Remodel: The Living Spaces brings the functionality of the Kitchen as the main priority and not its exterior design, so the homeowners can also renovate their Kitchen into an extension of their own homes.

The Architecture of the Northridge Remodel: The Living Spaces were inspired by a vision of a “Home away from Home”. The owner of the home wanted a fresh and modern look that is able to fit into any homes. You could say that the Open Concept Kitchen was the result of that vision. This design brings a more flexible kitchen interior with room for different applications and materials to be used in it.

It has a unique combination of nature and art combined with a vision of an open-concept kitchen. Being a kitchen that can hold all the necessary appliances that are associated with that design, it is also a perfect choice for the homeowners with limited space, such as apartments or condos. In addition, being a perfect blend of design and functionality, this design is also a superb option for families with young children and teenagers that might have a problem sitting and standing for long periods of time.

Also, Northridge Remodel: The Living Spaces offers the options for the homeowners to combine both the country and the modern design into one unit. It is a great design that would perfectly suit for homes where a country and a modern environment are needed for entertaining guests and being an open-concept kitchen for families with children and teens. In addition, this open concept kitchen opens up the complete environment of the kitchen with a host of features for the users to have access to some of the appliances that they need to prepare meals.

Another wonderful feature of the Open Concept Kitchen is the possibility of sharing between residents that they share the space with their parents or siblings. The Living Spaces is also a perfect option for the simple family with children or teenagers that might find difficulty to spend their time together.

The Living Spaces is a perfect blend of comfort and utility that makes it a perfect choice for the type of homeowners who want their kitchen to become the heart of their homes. Most importantly, it can accommodate more than four bedrooms that can be used by the guests. Bring back the old-time look and feel of your kitchen with the Northridge Remodel: The Living Spaces. It can suit to almost all types of homes that are different from the traditional and country look of the Mesa design, yet it can add to the comforts of your home and make you a member of the exclusive circle of people that can be just like your neighbors.