65 Small Balcony Ideas for Apartment Decorating

A tiny balcony can be a perfect place for an intimate dining experience or as a perfect place to relax after a long day at work. Whether you are looking for small apartment balcony ideas or simply want to know how to make the most of a tiny balcony, there are several steps that you can take to make your little space feel more open and airy. There are also several ideas for the interior of the balcony.

If you have decided that a small balcony is the perfect place for a special occasion, your next decision will be what style of balcony to go with. Many people who live in apartments use a small balcony as a reading area. Some choose a metal covered window for this purpose. These curtains may come with some sort of hinged railings that open from the window frame. Others choose to purchase solid wooden louvers to line their small balcony and add a bit of beauty to their living space.

For small balcony ideas, you can either use the same type of furniture as you would for a large room or purchase a completely different set of furnishings. One idea that works for both situations is to use a desk that is smaller than what you have at home. This can be as simple as using a small desk that has been converted into a writing table, but for an added touch, you could find something like a mini-desk that sits on the side of your small balcony table.

Another idea for small balcony ideas is to use an existing decorative item that you already have in your apartment. For example, you may already have a small photo frame that has been converted into a small rug. You can also purchase a matching rug for use with the frame, or even consider placing some candles near the window sill to bring in a unique color scheme.

In addition to adding a certain degree of personality to your small balcony, you may also want to add a bit of drama to it. You can do this by utilizing colors and textures that are used in your existing decor. Using paint and accessories from the other room can add interest to your small balcony, and can add a wonderful look that you might not get in your apartment. Consider painting the entire room with the same hue or using dark blue curtains instead of a neutral brown one.

Other small balcony ideas that you may want to consider include replacing the window blinds with blinds that hang down slightly. This will add an additional level of privacy and will create an additional working space when the blinds are closed. If you find that the current window blinds are holding you back from enjoying your balcony, consider making the change to blinds with slats that are a little higher.

If you would rather not make any major changes to your small balcony, you can also try to decorate it with less expensive items. For example, if you do not have a lot of money to spend, you can choose floor rugs to decorate your small balcony. Even though these drugs may cost more than the floor covering that you have in your apartment, the rugs will provide another, much needed, element of color to your small balcony. You can also choose smaller tapestries or even a few flowers to add a bit of color and a little bit of atmosphere to your small balcony.

No matter what your small balcony ideas are, you can find creative ways to turn your balcony into a beautiful room in your apartment. If you choose to incorporate wood and other natural elements into your small balcony, you can create a unique room that will really help you to escape your busy apartment life. You can use small balcony ideas for small apartment decorating and even use those ideas to enhance your current apartment decorating, or to create a completely new decor theme.