9 Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Vanity

A long time back when style was not the lifestyle, the washrooms came having the alternative of an over roof light having vertical apparatuses of lights on them. They were not fruitful as they were a long way from being a perfect embellishing thought. The answer for this improving debacle is the LED mirrors…read more


I’m so happy to FINALLY be sharing our kids’ bathroom design photos with you! This was a project we completed at the end of last year and it was a lot of fun. I’ve never done a renovation project before {just minor decor changes} so while it was a little stressful, and took a bunch of coordinating on my part, it felt incredibly rewarding to see something go from the inspiration phase to completion. I loved having 100% control and ownership over this project, despite all the second-guessing that came along with it!,,read more

Good Bathroom Mirror Ideas To Reflect Your Style

The Importance of Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom is normally a very important place in our home. It mirrors are one of the essential extras that one needs to consider while setting up a bathroom. Irregular bathroom mirrors are an ideal way to enhance the appearance and the feel for virtually any form of bathroom. Designing a little bathroom in a precise manner with all the required sanitary ware fixtures and fittings are sometimes a daunting undertaking…read more

Gorgeous Bathroom Mirror Design Ideas

Years ago when fashion was not the way of life, the bathrooms came having the option of an over ceiling light having vertical fixtures of lights on them. They were not successful as they were far from being a neat decorative idea. The solution to this decorative disaster is the LED mirrors…read more

Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas in 2019

DOUBLE BATHROOM VANITY – The idea of having two sinks or also known as the double bathroom has been a trend. Some people sometimes need bigger space in their bathroom in case their family, relatives, or friends visit them. It might be a bit frantic with only one sink to share, and if there is more space, two sinks are more efficient than one…read more

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – On Budget, Minimalist, and Modern

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – You will need some bathroom mirror ideas since choosing the most suitable one for you can be pretty tricky. A mirror is an important finishing touch for any bathroom, and there are multiple different styles that you can use. Here, you will be given ten of them which are the best ideas. These mirror ideas will surely be useful in making your bathroom look remarkable…read more

Best Inspirations How To Style Bathroom Mirror

Most people think about bathroom decor as something that consists of a brand new set of blinds, a fish shower curtain, and perhaps a bath rug. However, there are several alternative ways that you can simply do to boost your bathroom and give it a touch of your own style. One of the primary things you can do to feature your personal style is to select a convenient bathroom mirror for over your sink…read more

Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style

Bathroom Mirrors – Searching in the mirror can be a vital part of an everyday regimen. And also while we could all agree that elegance starts from the inside out, we certainly don’t mind any aid we can get to look and feel our finest on the normal…read more