38+DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Decor

Make Your Own Over-Sized Letter Tiles Wall Decor

Hubby and I are as of late void nesters. All things considered, not actually. Our more established little girl has moved into her very own place in a city around a little ways from us. Furthermore, our more youthful little girl is right now going with a missions gathering. She will restore this late spring for a month before leaving again for one more year. Thus, fundamentally Hubby and I are individually.

It was extremely hard at first. Both our children left inside a month of one another. We went from being a group of four, to a couple once more. As youthful guardians, we’d longed for the day when our children would be autonomous, and Hubby and I could at last get an opportunity to travel and “date” once more. In any case, I never acknowledged how much a relational peculiarity changes when the children grow up.

I chose I needed to praise the way that we’re as yet a family, regardless of whether parts and bits of us are dissipated a bit. In this way, I’m chipping away at an exhibition divider over our storm cellar stairs. Some portion of that divider is our names in larger than usual Scrabble style wood letter tiles.

You’ve most likely observed these on Pinterest. On the off chance that you’ve contemplated doing them, I state let it all out! These turned out far and away superior to I’d envisioned. Here’s the way I did it.

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