39+The most effective method to Modify an Entertainment Center to Fit a HDTV

You see these excitement communities available to be purchased at carport deals and on check sides all over. Individuals are disposing of their old amusement focus since they can’t accommodate their new HDTV inside.

This instructable will demonstrate to you how I changed my folks’ old amusement focus so it would seem that one of the new costly HDTV stimulation focuses.

Instruments Used:

– Hammer/Mallet

– Crowbar

– Skillsaw (can utilize any observed suitable for wood)

– Drill

– Wood Glue

– Finish nails (for trim)

Instruments suggested however not required:

– Pencil

– Clamps

– Metal Straightedge/Level

Expel trim from top utilizing a crowbar or mallet hook. This can be troublesome in light of the fact that the trim is likely both stuck and nailed into the top mantle piece.

Utilize a hammer to expel the top mantle from the sidewalls. Pound an upward way.

Note: Mine was stuck with wooden pegs for quality, yet you should be progressively cautious on the off chance that it is appended by metal equipment (nails, screws, and so forth).

Choose how tall you need the new excitement focus to be and quantify the base remain of your new HDTV. Great HDTV situation is with the goal that when you are sitting in your preferred seat, your eye level meets the base of the television seeing territory.

Measure cut line from the top. The highest point of the sidewalls were level, so the top is the best spot to quantify from.

Pick a saw and do whatever you can to guarantee the cut is straight. We cinched a metal guide rail to the sidewall at that point ran a portable saw along the guide. Made an extremely straight and clean cut.