It’s at last here folks. Uncover DAY!!!

The most recent 3 weeks (really 2 weeks for me… ) has been loaded up with bone tiring work to change my lounge for the FrogTape® Paintover Challenge!

I’m going up against 6 astounding bloggers (who I really love) with the expectation that I can win $10,000 for the benefit of my philanthropy of decision; ADRA, an astonishing association that reacts with help during emergency and day by day helps the less blessed far and wide. In addition the triumphant blogger gets a spread in HGTV magazine (eep!).

In the event that you missed my first post , let me help you to remember this room previously. This is it directly before we moved in. It had avocado green dividers that were recolored and gross.

At that point we moved our things in, and an only a couple of months prior I endeavored to improve it marginally by painting the dividers, constructing some stockpiling cupboards, a TV reassure, and a foot stool. It was as yet not an appealing space to be in, and when I engaged I generally felt a little self inner voice that there were no enriched rooms in my primary house. I had gone through the whole first year living here enhancing the visitor house so I could lease it out on Airbnb to the disregard of the primary house.

Well now I am SO overjoyed to have my fantasy lounge to engage visitors, make recreations with my family, and for the most part invest quality energy.

I was given a $1,000 spending plan, and kid it was more diligently than I suspected to enrich a family room with that sum. I needed to utilize a couple of existing things, including the sectional from my lair (since who are we joking, another couch would have taken up the whole spending plan).

I additionally needed to utilize a blend of new wood and extra wood from earlier tasks to get this implicit made. My arms were killing me in the two days it took to assemble and paint this unit, however it is radiant! All that I envisioned.