33+DIY Pallet Wood Herringbone Headboard

DIY Pallet Wood Headboard – Easy Afternoon Project that appears as though it took weeks!

A few months prior, our congregation was getting some TLC, and the old cedar fence behind the congregation got torn down. Fortunately my dad in-law realized I may get a kick out of the chance to accomplish something with it and offered it to me before it escaped.

This wood was such a pearl. The normal shading couldn’t beat that, and we had been looking at making a provincial headboard. I had seen some on Pinterest that I sort of loved, however none that I needed a definite reproduction of. We thought of this one and I think it turned out consummately!

As should be obvious, the size of the casing we did was 3×6 feet to accommodate our bed. You will need to make your casing whatever size you need the completed headboard to be. For the middle post, we utilized 2 1x1s with the goal that we could connect all the inclining sheets to those 2 highlights.

Pursue the methodology on the graph above until your whole casing is secured with the slanting bits of wood.

We connected the lower, littler headboard piece, first. We utilized long rock solid screws to bore from the front, through the MDF, through the help sheets underneath, and into our divider studs.

We rehashed this with the upper, bigger, MDF headboard piece. We drilled out the MDF so as to counter-sink a couple of slack fasteners (for additional help and quality), anyway we found that the MDF material itself completed a truly great job sinking the normal rock solid screws uniformly, and neatly.

Above, you can see our whole prepared MDF headboard, completely mounted to the divider. The two sheets of MDF are very substantial, so you need to guarantee you are mounting straightforwardly to the divider, and make sure to reach your stopping point studs underneath, for a sheltered and durable headboard.