32+Small Master Bathroom Renovation

They state the best things come in the humblest bundles, and keeping in mind that that normally means blessings, starting today, we can stretch out that maxim to washrooms, too! However, truly, this gigantic restroom re-try that we did with the assistance of The Home Depot who supported this video was a definitive present for the Rieux family! Their itty bitty washroom was the casualty of insignificant floor space, a half-baked design, and some significant water harm. We changed it into a roomy and tranquil room that weds common sense and attractiveness. See the video on YouTube here!

Watch the change above and look at the when pictures and shopping joins beneath!

As should be obvious, their shower was the most noticeably awful spot to get perfect, since it was so recolored and harmed itself! We evacuated the shower divider just to discover water harmed wood and form behind it, so this finish up turned into an all out update.

To revamp the shower and introduce this Delta UPstile 3-Piece Alcove Shower Surround, we previously supplanted the decayed studs and put in new drywall on the contrary divider — giving the shower a progressively steady and shape free establishment. We verified our shower dish into spot and after that the establishment of the shower boards couldn’t have been simpler! We just introduced flat 1×3 wood pieces on our studs and afterward connected glue to the 1×3’s and stuck the shower dividers on! Besides — these boards didn’t require any waterproofing, so after only a couple of steps, this shower was a great idea to go!

While we were in obliteration mode, we additionally made a couple of key changes to the room, including making a greater window!

Incidentally, would we be able to discuss this vanity? The past piece in this room was simply too enormous, and totally hoarded the vast majority of the floorspace. We supplanted it with this Glacier Bay Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, which is only the correct size.